Home Cold Sore Remedies You Can Use Right Away
There are numerous herbal cold sore remedies which are proven to work and are really effective. Many of these treatments are derived from oils of specific plants. Research has found out that there are a number of plant oils that are effective in battling certain viruses. Studies demonstrated that certain plants like chamile, them, and ginger were effective against a strain of the Hsv simplex virus.

Tea tree oil is another natural herbal cold sore treatment. Using Tea tree oil to take care of against the Herpes virus and a number of other viruses can be effective. In scientific tests on tea tree oil scientist saw that whenever the oil was put on cold sores, they would not spread anymore.

Another plant that has been shown to be effective against certain viruses is Cat's Claw. This plant is also safe to have. If your cold sore has been an annoyance to you personally drinking a tea combined with some Cat's claw will minimize the cold sore from spreading. You may also produce a tea out of lemon balm and peppermint that have also been confirmed to be effective against certain viruses. If drinking tea isn't your thing, than you may purchases capsules with herbs included. To prevent cold sores, the recommended dosage is 2-3 capsules every day.

Now onto cold sore remedies that you definitely must not try. I've seen bleach recommended as an effective remedy, so let’s make it clear that you need to not be putting bleach on your own body. Putting bleach is both toxic to your body and can result in problems worse than cold sores.

Our next bad remedy is trying to freeze a cold sore with ice. When something cold like ice touches your skin you can get frostbite. Putting an ice cube on your cold sores might seem to work in freezing it, but it can also damage the tissues resulting in much more serious problems.

Another really bad idea is to use chemicals that aren't for cold sores on your own cold sores. You should always remember that cold sores are the consequence of a virus strain. What you need is something that attacks a virus directly. Cold sores are usually produced by stress and also a weak immune system. If cold sores are a common theme in your life than have a look around and learn areas where you may be over stressed. That may be the main reason, so fix that and your cold sore annoyance is additionally gone.

I know that cold sores are extremely unpleasant; therefore we desire to cope with them with whatever it takes. Just make sure that you use smart and safe cold sore remedies.